Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sign Me Up! The Time is NOW!

"A $5 piece of jewelry will not change the world, 
BUT the woman wearing it will!"


  You've seen Paparazzi Accessories at a party or an event and wanted to know more. Or perhaps someone told you about it!   Maybe you read about it!   I was in your shoes a little over a year ago!  I actually got invited to a party a couple weeks after my 3rd child was born, but didn't go because I didn't have money to buy expensive jewelry!   Money was tight!  (My friend forgot to mention that it only cost $5!)

A few weeks later, I saw a Paparazzi Accessories booth at a city event, wandered over to the woman-packed tent, drooled over all the cute accessories, saw the many women buying it for only $5 and wondered how much could someone make selling $5 jewelry.  I went home that night and googled "Paparazzi jewelry."   I read ... 45% commission.  WOW!  Seriously!  I thought, "I can do this."  I can sell a product that sells itself!  I am going to MAKE this my lucky break in life.   I joined Paparazzi Accessories one week later and....the rest is history.

Hi!  I'm Michelle Johnnie.   I am a Fashionista with Paparazzi Accessories which means I got to walk the runway at the first Paparazzi convention held in Las Vegas in September.   What else should I do than give a big thumbs up to all the consultants who attended.  After which, I clicked my heels and did a little dance.  Yep!  I have a personality and I love people!  My rank is really not that important.  What is important is that I have improved my family's finances through an amazing company that allows ordinary people like me to do extraordinary things!  I'm very grateful!
In one year, I was able to quit my part-time job, avoid going back to being a Special Education teacher, and finally build a savings account.  My husband has quit his full-time job and Paparazzi supports our family!  I've sold a bunch of $5 jewelry in a year and I still continue to do so!  I love to party!  I also teach women and men to be successful in selling $5 jewelry!

I love seeing what a $5 necklace/earring set does for a female who doesn't feel beautiful or for someone who struggles financially, but still wants to be fashionable.  Grandmas are grateful they can come to a party and get amazing gifts for all their granddaughters, daughters and daughters-in-laws in one place without going over a budget.   Many wealthy women love to come buy accessories for every outfit and when they get tired of the necklace they bought for a certain outfit, they can give it away and buy a new one.  It's only $5!!!!!

Additionally, I love seeing what the women on my team have been able to do just by showing women cute accessories.  After all, my job is not to sell jewelry.  My job is to get the product in front of people and say the price.   The jewelry will sell itself!

There are consultants of all ages, circumstances and styles on my team.  Some only want to make a couple hundred dollars a month and some want to make more.   The cool thing is they do it.  They make as much as they work on it!  It is upto you!

With a little bit of effort of wearing the accessories around and just talking to people about them, opportunities to bring in money happen.   A compliment on my necklace at the doctor's office turned into me paying the co-pay plus the cost of contacts for 6 months by selling jewelry to the ladies that worked there.  The headband I wore to the grocery resulted into the cashier coming to my house to get in on some reasonably priced accessories.   If a consultant needs money for something, they can schedule an open house and make a bunch in one night.  OR they can take a basket into where women work and leave happy!   Because it is only $5, women will buy it!

If you are thinking about joining Paparazzi, now is the time. For the month of January, you can get 15% more jewelry in your starter kit for the same price!  That is an amazing deal!!!   I wish they would have had that promotion when I joined. I would have got $375 worth of more jewelry.   Take advantage of this opportunity and start your new year off on the right foot!  Start booking parties for Valentine's Day!

I am interested in helping you get started.  You can join my team with me as your sponsor or I can refer you to a consultant that is near you (IF there is a consultant near you).   It's your choice.  Either way, you will be on the strongest team in the whole company!   As a part of this team, there are websites, blogs, phone trainings, in-person trainings, newsletters, emails, facebook groups and more to assist you in being successful in Paparazzi!  The blog for my team is   Check it out!

Want to throw a party and get free jewelry?  I can hook you up with someone on my team!
Whatever you want, I can assist you!  You can email me at or can call me at 435-610-1609 to chat!  Or if you want to enroll right now, my consultant number is #1681.  I am happy to share more information with you!

Read on to the next post to learn more about Paparazzi.

I hope to hear from you!
Michelle Johnnie