Tuesday, June 11, 2013

You are in the RIGHT Place!

You've seen Paparazzi Accessories!  You fell in LOVE with it!  You are curious about it!  You may even want to hoard it.  Well, let me tell you about Paparazzi!!!!   I was in your shoes 2 short years ago!!!!

Paparazzi jewelry rocks!!!!  Seriously!   I was first introduced to Paparazzi Accessories by getting invited to a party, but I didn't go because we had very little money and I thought it was going to be expensive.  My friend didn't mention that it was only $5.   A few weeks later after seeing it at city event  and learning it was only $5, the lightbulb went on inside my head.   Finally, I had found something that I would feel comfortable selling and that WOULD SELL without pressure, guilt and coaxing!

I joined quickly.   When my starter kit arrived, I got nervous and started to doubt myself, BUT I had a bunch of jewelry I HAD to sell.  I asked a few people to hosts parties for me and invited everyone I knew to my own party.   I booked some small events too.   My doubt quickly was replaced by excitement and happiness because women LOVED Paparazzi Accessories.  My first month, I sold almost $2000.  My families financial situation quickly changed.

In the past 2 years, I quite my part-time job and my husband quit his full-time job that he didn't enjoy.  Paparazzi Accessories supports our family of 5.   We've been on trips to Disneyland and Cancun courtesy of Paparazzi.   Life has improved and is much more flexible than it was when I worked part-time with 3 young children and my husband worked full-time.

I think I've just about done everything there is to do with Papararazzi Accessories.  I've done at least 100 home parties.  I've done small events, huge events, and fundraisers.  I've set up in doctor's offices, schools, assisted living centers, and more.  I've taken baskets into dentist offices, banks, lawyer's offices, accountant offices and the list goes on.   I signed up retail businesses and have coached them on how to sell more Paparazzi.   My team has grown and I am a Fashionista - one of the top 10 consultants in the company.

When you choose to start your business with me, you will get:
1.  An experienced leader who has sold over $50,000 of Paparazzi and has a large team of supported women.
2.  Training Videos - I've recorded videos of what I have done the past 2 years to sell a ton and grow a big business.  I share my secrets with you.
3.  Personal help from me.  Call me, text me, email me almost anytime for assistance.
4.  Facebook Groups - I have a group for my team and there are at least 3 others from my upline you can join.  Share photos, graphics, documents, ask questions, share excitement, be motivated.
5.  Monthly Newsletter packed full of information, challenges and incentives.
6. Weekly Update Emails with the trainings for the week and a helpful tip or challenge.
7.  Scripts and Written How To's for approaching retails businesses, doing fundraisers, helping people join with kits, approaching schools, assisted living centers, doctor's offices, booking garage sales and then booking parties from the people there and MORE!
8.  Bi-Monthly Opportunity Calls, Monthly New Consultant training calls, Weekly trainings from my upline (4 of the top 15 leaders in the company are in my upline) and more.
9.  Goal Setting - if you choose.
10.  A Welcome Packet with LOTS of information and documents you can use and a 30-Day plan for success.
11.  Online Support -  You can see the support blog for my team at jewelryforfivesupport.blogspot.com.  
12. MORE!!!!   I work Paparazzi full-time.  This is my job, not my hobby.  I am committed to help you succeed as much as you are willing to work for it.

I have a library of information I can share with you and I am happy to answer any questions you have.   I could go on and on about what I have learned the past 2 years in Paparazzi.  I'd love to talk with you on the phone or via email.  I am an open person who is NOT pushy.   That is one of the reasons I do Paparazzi.  I don't have to be pushy!!!   The product sells itself.

Come join my team and be successful with my assistance and help.  I highly recommend you join with a kit.   You can read about the starter kits at the free duplicated site you get from Paparazzi Accessories when you join.   You can also join  HERE too.  My consultant number is #1681.

I would be happy to explain the compensation plan besides the 45% profit on selling the jewelry.  I would be happy to discuss anything else with you!  Keep reading through this blog to learn a little more about me.   You can contact me by phone or text at 435-610-1609 or through email at jewerlyforfive@gmail.com.   I will send you more in depth information about becoming a consultant and how this company works!

I look forward to chatting with you.
Michelle Johnnie