Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Paparazzi Accessories is Making History!!!!

Wow!  What a ride the past 6 months has been!  Paparazzi Accessories made some big, positive changes to the company and it has benefitted consultants' business in a HUGE way.   The company and my team are on track for a record breaking month and year!!!!   My teams' volume has shot through the roof because of the $5 price point, the beautiful jewelry, the free replicated website, low shipping costs and the support and training they receive!

It is so fun to see so many successful consultants who have tried other Direct Sales companies out there and didn't experience success.  And then they found Paparazzi and are MAKING MONEY!!!!  And some of them make LOTS OF MONEY because they work it like a business.  Paparazzi jewelry really makes my heart happy!

Last week, the company listed 20 pieces of the new Spring line and ALL 20 pieces sold out in less than an hour.   That was TENS OF THOUSANDS of pieces gone in minutes!!!!!   It is awesome to work with a company that has a reasonably priced product that women want and can afford.  It feels good to give deals to people! And it also feels good to get paid a 45% commission on your sales, receive team commissions, and get bling for a really low price!

Spring is an awesome time to get started.  There is Easter, Spring boutiques, everyone shopping for new clothes and accessories, Mother's Day and then comes the summer events.  So many people who will buy Paparazzi!!!!  So many places to sell Paparazzi!   $5 jewelry will sell!!!!

Come experience success with us!  Come learn how to do Facebook parties, home parties, basket/work parties, events, fundraisers and so much more!!!!   Get your own accessories for only $2.75 each!  There are many reasons to join.   You can get jewelry at a deep discount, supply your friends and family with their $5 habit, make a little fun money doing a few parties and events, earn as much as a part-time or better yet, earn a full-time income!

Want to earn money?  I can be your sponsor or I can find someone on my team who lives closer to you!   Want a party and free jewelry?  I can hook you up by either doing a Facebook party for you or connecting you to someone closer!

I would love to share more information with you about Paparazzi Jewelry.  You can call me at 435-610-1609 or email me at

I am an A-Lister with the company and am one of the top 3 consultants!   My team is full of amazing and talented consultants who work Paparazzi in many different ways and for many different reasons! We would love to have you be a part of us and our fun community.