My Story

A few months ago, I was searching for job to help bring in some additional income to our family.  Little did I know that I would find a company that would change our family's life and our financial situation.

Shortly after the birth of my third child, I was invited to a Paparazzi jewelry party.  I didn't go because family was coming to town to see our new child.  I didn't know anything about Paparazzi.  About 2 weeks after that, I attended a fair in our town and saw this booth PACKED with women.  Curious, I looked to see what everyone was hyperventilating over and purchasing!!!   I walked into a Paparazzi booth and saw fashion-forward, trendy accessories and jewelry.   When I saw a sign that said "Only $5," I immediately knew why this booth was packed with excited women who were pulling out their wallets.

That night, I went home, looked up Paparazzi Accessories on the internet, read the compensation chart and joined the company a few days later!  It was a NO BRAINER!!!! I've never looked back!!! Right off I could tell this was a brilliant company with a remarkable product.  I knew this was something that would improve my future.  Women CANNOT pass up stunning $5 jewelry!

In my first 5 weeks, I sold almost $2000 worth of accessories at only 6 different events.   Now that I have been in the company six months, I have built a great team and will be receiving a downline check that pays more than what I earn at my part-time  hourly job for 6 months!  That does not include the commission from the parties and events I do.   I have officially given my employee notice of my resignation.   I am losing money by working a "real" job.

Paparazzi is awesome!   There is no other way to describe it.  When females of any age see what I sell, they pull out their wallets and have the hard decision of what items they want to buy from the large selection and when to stop buying!!!  

I look forward to the future with Paparazzi!   I know this is a company that has changed my life already and will improve my future.  Thanks you, Paparazzi!

Join with me in providing women with fabulous jewelry and accessories at a reasonable price while making an incredible wage.   Join my team today.   (Enter #1681 when you to go join!)