Monday, November 16, 2015

Customer Appreciation Month!!!!

For the month of November, when your customers order $35 or more from your FREE Paparazzi website, they get this stunning necklace/earring set for free!!!  Paparazzi is sharing the love with your customers.   Refer them to your replicated site!!!!

If you would like this necklace for FREE, go to and order $35 or more and this will be shipped to you with your other pieces!

It makes a great statement piece for you or give it as a gift to someone else!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Smokin' Hot Paparazzi Jewelry Promotion on Starter Kits!

NOW is the time to get off the fence and join Paparazzi!!!!   This month corporate promotion is the best yet.  Get an extra $100-$200 in FREE jewelry for joining in the month of June with a 120 or 200 piece kit  ($299 or $499 kit).    You can either join to make money, save money on gifts, raise funds for your favorite charities or supply yourself with all the accessories you want for only $2.75.  

Additionally, after you a consultant, you get 10 FREE pieces for every 50 pieces in one order in the month of JUNE!  I'm stocking up on inventory this month by placing my orders in groups of 50!  This is in additional to the regular hostess benefits which are a free piece for every 10 pieces ordered!

You can read more and buy at my FREE replicated site Want to join right now.  Enter 1681 as my consultant number under "Join The Team."

Contact me for more info and let me help you start making money!
Michelle Johnnie

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Paparazzi Accessories is Making History!!!!

Wow!  What a ride the past 6 months has been!  Paparazzi Accessories made some big, positive changes to the company and it has benefitted consultants' business in a HUGE way.   The company and my team are on track for a record breaking month and year!!!!   My teams' volume has shot through the roof because of the $5 price point, the beautiful jewelry, the free replicated website, low shipping costs and the support and training they receive!

It is so fun to see so many successful consultants who have tried other Direct Sales companies out there and didn't experience success.  And then they found Paparazzi and are MAKING MONEY!!!!  And some of them make LOTS OF MONEY because they work it like a business.  Paparazzi jewelry really makes my heart happy!

Last week, the company listed 20 pieces of the new Spring line and ALL 20 pieces sold out in less than an hour.   That was TENS OF THOUSANDS of pieces gone in minutes!!!!!   It is awesome to work with a company that has a reasonably priced product that women want and can afford.  It feels good to give deals to people! And it also feels good to get paid a 45% commission on your sales, receive team commissions, and get bling for a really low price!

Spring is an awesome time to get started.  There is Easter, Spring boutiques, everyone shopping for new clothes and accessories, Mother's Day and then comes the summer events.  So many people who will buy Paparazzi!!!!  So many places to sell Paparazzi!   $5 jewelry will sell!!!!

Come experience success with us!  Come learn how to do Facebook parties, home parties, basket/work parties, events, fundraisers and so much more!!!!   Get your own accessories for only $2.75 each!  There are many reasons to join.   You can get jewelry at a deep discount, supply your friends and family with their $5 habit, make a little fun money doing a few parties and events, earn as much as a part-time or better yet, earn a full-time income!

Want to earn money?  I can be your sponsor or I can find someone on my team who lives closer to you!   Want a party and free jewelry?  I can hook you up by either doing a Facebook party for you or connecting you to someone closer!

I would love to share more information with you about Paparazzi Jewelry.  You can call me at 435-610-1609 or email me at

I am an A-Lister with the company and am one of the top 3 consultants!   My team is full of amazing and talented consultants who work Paparazzi in many different ways and for many different reasons! We would love to have you be a part of us and our fun community.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Paparazzi Jewelry January Promotion Rocks!

Three and a half years ago, I knew things needed to change in my life. 

We just had our third child and finances were very tight with no change in site. No upward mobility or significant pay raises were in my husband's job future. I saw some cute $5 jewelry at a fair and learned the person selling it made a 45% commission. The simplicity and awesomeness of the concept made my mind race. Perhaps, $5 jewelry would be the tool to help with the bills and the extras of activities, school and costs of the kids getting older and more involved with extra-curriculars. 

I gave Paparazzi a try. I believed it could improve my family's future. Guess what? It did.....significantly. And for that, I am grateful. I am grateful that I went outside of my comfort zone and tried something new, something foreign, something I never imagined doing. And because I believe in myself and my business and worked hard, I have more money, more friends, more happiness, new style, better skills, more confidence and a better outlook for the future.
I want what happened to me for everyone. With the promotion Paparazzi has on starter kits this month with 15% more jewelry to sell or keep, it is the time to believe. THIS MONTH (January 2015), Paparazzi is giving away MORE FREE jewelry in starter kits - 15% MORE.   That's an extra $25 to $150 value this month!!!  New consultants get 5-30 EXTRA pieces in their kits!!!    Believe in yourself and improve your finances by starting your own business this year. Perhaps you know someone who needs to change. Please tell them about Paparazzi and refer them to me!!!  Or better yet - Join the company and add them to YOUR team.

Paparazzi offers:
45% commission
$5 product that sells itself
Free website
One free piece for every 10 pieces you order from your website (hostess benefits)
No catalogs

Order EXACTLY what you want
Low shipping cost (Free to $5.95)
Lots of fun

MANY ways to sell - online, home, basket, work parties, fundraisers, events and more.
Lots of training and support
Join me. Learn with me.

The jewelry is gorgeous and it is a great impulse buy.  It makes great gifts.  It is a great time to offer an amazing $5 product to the world.
Contact me to get more details or talk about joining!!!!
Email me at
Call me at 435-610-1609

To buy these sets or individual pieces, visit