Monday, November 16, 2015

Customer Appreciation Month!!!!

For the month of November, when your customers order $35 or more from your FREE Paparazzi website, they get this stunning necklace/earring set for free!!!  Paparazzi is sharing the love with your customers.   Refer them to your replicated site!!!!

If you would like this necklace for FREE, go to and order $35 or more and this will be shipped to you with your other pieces!

It makes a great statement piece for you or give it as a gift to someone else!!!!


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  2. How long has paparazzi been in business is that field saturated

  3. Paparazzi is a little over 5 years old. It has fewer consultants than most direct sales companies, and far fewer than those that are well-known and been around forever!

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