Monday, June 22, 2015

Smokin' Hot Paparazzi Jewelry Promotion on Starter Kits!

NOW is the time to get off the fence and join Paparazzi!!!!   This month corporate promotion is the best yet.  Get an extra $100-$200 in FREE jewelry for joining in the month of June with a 120 or 200 piece kit  ($299 or $499 kit).    You can either join to make money, save money on gifts, raise funds for your favorite charities or supply yourself with all the accessories you want for only $2.75.  

Additionally, after you a consultant, you get 10 FREE pieces for every 50 pieces in one order in the month of JUNE!  I'm stocking up on inventory this month by placing my orders in groups of 50!  This is in additional to the regular hostess benefits which are a free piece for every 10 pieces ordered!

You can read more and buy at my FREE replicated site Want to join right now.  Enter 1681 as my consultant number under "Join The Team."

Contact me for more info and let me help you start making money!
Michelle Johnnie

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